Resourceful Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business – How to Succeed in Challenging Times

By Christine Miller

“We’re All Entrepreneurs Now” –  Marshall Goldsmith, Top 15 Leading Thinkers of the World, Multi-million bestselling author.  The world is in need of resourceful entrepreneurs.  Global leaders from Presidents to Prime Ministers tell us so. They are depending on vibrant businesses to succeed and revive the economy.

That’s why this practical, inspiring book has been created as a resource especially for entrepreneurs and all those interested in success at work. It offers insights from a wide range of leaders including much-admired Ricardo Semler, Brazilian author of 'Maverick' and 'The Seven-Day Weekend', Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus, creator of the Grameen Bank, and Lord Andrew Mawson, one of the UK’s most successful social entrepreneurs.

There’s invaluable information from top sales, marketing, financial and personal development experts Robbie Steinhouse, Nicola Cairncross, Carole Spiers, Toby Buckle, Richard White, Bill O'Hanlon, Andy Smith, Robyn Pearce and Lisa Wynn, helping you to define your goals, manage the business lifecycle, get confident with selling, and understand your money and financial IQ. You’ll discover tips on how to write a meaningful book to establish your reputation, learn more effective time management, and be guided in entrepreneurial thinking and being authentic.  

Publisher : Porto Publishing
Published: June 2011

Cover Price: £14.99