Secret Garden of the Soul (P)

Secret Garden Of the Soul is a collection of poems written by Christine Miller

Christine has already established herself as a Poetic Writer through her many articles and through

Christine, with the publication of Secret Garden of the Soul, has turned her own poetic soul to a new volume of poetry that establishes her as a 'Poet of Her Time'. The book is beautifully produced, and as you would expect if Christine were involved, is a feast for both the minds' eye and the body's eye.

Beautiful metaphors lace the poetry, and beautiful photographic and illustrative images immaculately accompany each poem, giving it added meaning. The cover, like the poet, is magical. In "In A Secret Location, Very Close to Paradise"

Christine writes:
"Gazing into a box of mysteries
You will discover
Pearls of preciousness"

It is so, with 'Secret Garden of the Soul'.

Tony Buzan Multi-million Bestselling Author and Poet and world renowned Inventor of Mind Maps.

"What a lovely surprise to receive your beautiful book. Your poems indeed do touch the soul and give one lots to ponder about"

Glennyce Eckersley International Writer, Broadcaster and Speaker

"I  was so pleased to receive your wonderful book. It is book of ideas, feelings, and remembrances. It is the kind of book that you can have next to your bed or on a coffee table and revisit it a week later, a month later, or a year later."

Somers H. White CPAE, FIMC, Marketing, Management, Coaching and Financial Consultants USA

100 Pages
Dimensions 140mm x 210mm
Publisher: Porto Publishing
Published: 8th December 2006
ISBN 13: 978-1-905930-01-2

Cover Price: £9.99
Our Price: £7.99